Alternative Treatments for Hashimoto’s

Alternative Treatments for Hashimoto’s

In our search for healing from Hashimoto’s there are some alternative treatments. Some of these treatments aren’t easily found because they are new and have no or very little research to back them up. Most of them are frowned upon by conventional medicine. Even some kinds of testing, different diets, supplements and finding a root cause are things that conventional medicine says the research doesn’t back up. Things are moving fast in the world of Hashimoto’s and autoimmunity. The research isn’t quite keeping up with what people are finding out works.

When things get bad its tempting to look at different alternatives. Just about three months ago I was feeling so bad that I looked into stem cell treatment. I found out insurance doesn’t cover it and its expensive. I think I would have tried it had I had the resources to just do it.

Then my doctor put me on LDN, Low Dose Naltrexone a very low-cost treatment. I felt so great that I decided to eat all the gluten-free bread in the world. We have a gluten-free bakery here in Portland called  New Cascadia.  They are truly perfecting gluten-free Bread. I was heaven for a week until I wasn’t. I ate so much that I made myself sick. I felt bulletproof because I was feeling so much better and those breads…Kalamata olive loaf,  challah, hamburger buns and Honey Gold sandwich bread that doesn’t fall apart plus none of it has potato which I can’t have, yum.  Lesson learned. I can’t tolerate millet and the rest of the bread I can eat maybe once or twice in a month. Even though Low Dose Naltrexone works I still need to follow an anti-inflammatory diet.

My advice is to keep educated and current about alternative treatments but make sure you are looking at who is providing the information, the research even if it’s very little and if the treatment comes recommended from multiple sources including people who aren’t just trying to sell something. It’s always good to get some input and perspective from your doctor as well.

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