This autoimmune app has the answers and the data to back them up!

This autoimmune app has the answers and the data to back them up!

This Autoimmune App is Amazing!

It’s so hard to sift through the mountains of data and advice out there. How do you know what REALLY works? While looking for information on supplements and diets that seem to work for the bulk of people with Hashimoto’s I came across this autoimmune app. It has interactive graphs that show results through collected data from average people with an autoimmune disease. To use the interactive graphs scroll down and click on the graphs.

This seems incredible to me, why hasn’t this been thought of before? It’s still in the early stages and so isn’t available to everyone yet but keep a lookout and sign up for updates because this could be an invaluable tool!

Vivek is a software engineer that has Hashimoto’s.

“I used to joke around about working 2 full-time jobs. The first, my day job as a software engineer, and the second – research and experimentation on my health! The research was the most time consuming and exhausting. That was one of the biggest parts of my autoimmune experience – constantly spending time on forums and Facebook groups, reading medical journals, books, blogs, etc. It’s a little ironic that all the research I was doing to improve my condition was stressing me out – and thus, adversely affecting my health!”

He ended up documenting his illness.

“As I’m sure you know, conducting experiments on yourself is tough. It’s exhausting and frustrating. Throughout dozens of trials, I adhered to two core principles of experimentation that guided me and ultimately led to my success.

Incorporating research and information from the chronic illness community into a working model to drive my experiments.
Keeping detailed records of what I was trying and how I felt so I could pick up on patterns and correlations between various experiments.”

Vivek decided to create an autoimmune app to help others more easily find what works for them.

“As a software engineer, I knew there had to be a better way to both track my health in order to better gauge my progress and to work with the community to use the power of aggregate data to make a big impact on the autoimmune epidemic.”

Here is a link to Vivek’s full story thanks to Dr. Izabella Wentz.

Take a look at what Vivek is doing, test his graphs and sign up for updates at  Autoimmune Citizen Science.

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