Being sick, Having Hashimoto’s and taking Ibuprofen

Being sick, Having Hashimoto’s and taking Ibuprofen

I’ve been sick, sick, sick for about twelve days now. Sore throat, laryngitis, fever, stuffy nose and sinuses, bronchitis and a bad cough. BLECH. My question is Hashimoto’s, ibuprofen do they mix?

I’ve been doing my usual routine when it gets this bad of netty pot with golden seal, Doterra OnGuard for my throat and foods like kombucha and bone broth. All very helpful except when hurting all over. It takes a lot but I got to the point that I wanted to take ibuprofen. I recall hearing it’s bad for people with Hashimoto’s so I did some research.

And yes it’s bad. Here’s why;

Ibuprofen blocks enzymes that promote inflammation but also enzymes that promotes the health of your stomach and stomach lining. Not so good for someone fighting an autoimmune disease. (See this article from Boost )

This is good to know since the gut and Hashimoto’s are symbiotic.

“For 90 percent of Americans, hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease. Since most of the immune system is situated in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, poor gut health is a significant factor in triggering and exacerbating autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s. An important step in taming Hashimoto’s is to repair gut health.
Conversely, appropriately managing Hashimoto’s and restoring thyroid function can help improve digestive function. Studies show both T4 and T3 protect the intestinal lining from ulcers. Studies also show hypothyroidism can cause intestinal permeability, or “leaky gut,” which allows undigested food into the bloodstream and instigates an immune attack. These are examples of the thyroid-gut vicious cycle and how you may need to go after both fronts at once.”

So what can you do? I ended up taking 2,000mg vitamin C daily, using a tea tree and eucalyptus rub and a hot compress for the bronchitis, eating spicy foods and drinking turmeric tea. I also took two doses of DayQuil as a last resort. I started to feel better within twelve hours and after 3 days I felt much better.

So I’m back now and ready to roll!

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