Hashimoto’s Supplements and What to Take

Hashimoto’s Supplements and What to Take

On Sunday I had a chat with someone who is feeling lousy and not getting heard from her doctor. It’s so frustrating when your doctor treats you like you are ridiculous and isn’t open to trying different options like supplements or alternative treatments. Part of the problem with western medicine seems to be it’s so compartmentalized by specialty. Well there are things we can do for ourselves as we are searching for a doctor that will listen, loves to learn and will work with us.

Diet is one. Yesterday’s chat had started with an article from a doctor who doesn’t recommend the Paleo Diet for people with an autoimmune disease. I personally think a Paleo Diet can be the key to the beginning of recovery. I know so many people who have gone on a paleo diet and have dropped several of their symptoms. It certainly is something you should at try for at least four to six weeks. If you can an Autoimmune Protocol Diet is even better because you can discover if any foods are bothering you as you reintroduce them. As a bonus while on an autoimmune diet you’ll feel fantastic. I have links to sites with great autoimmune recipes on my recipes page.

The next thing we can do on our own is try some common supplements. Selenium (gammadyn brand ampules) worked very well for me. It was the turning point in my health. I also took Betain HCI with pepsin by Intergrative Therapeutics for stomach acid,  licorice extract by Wise Woman Herbals helped me in the mornings, GI Revive by Designs for Health and HPA Adapt by Intergrative Therapeutics for stress, I also find that Numi Tumeric Three Roots tea helps with inflammation when I’m having a bad day. Surprisingly the tea works better for me than the turmeric capsules. just make sure you are buying quality supplements without additives and gluten.

Everyone is different so it’s best to do all of this under a doctor’s guidance but if your doctor isn’t listening here are some helpful links:

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