Hashimoto’s, Triggers and Getting a Grip

Hashimoto’s, Triggers and Getting a Grip

Happy Saturday!

I love the weekends especially when I’ve had an extremely tired week. I’ve been dealing with Hashimoto’s symptoms, an unseen trigger and stress. It seems I just couldn’t stay awake this week but had to keep going plus I’ve been extremely achy.

I’ve been eating all the right foods and not cheating even a little. I’ve even cut any kind of sugar out except for fruit but I’ve cut down on that as well. My supplement schedule has been great and I’ve been getting to bed at a fairly reasonable hour.  I’m still tired. That got me wondering what I wasn’t seeing that was a trigger.

Back in art school my friends couldn’t believe how unaware I was at times. For instance I never knew there were gargoyles at the top of  the art school building. Something could be right in front of me with a mechanical hand slapping my face and I still would ask where it was. I’m just so in my head sometimes.

So I took a look at my week. At the beginning of the week I got some stressful news that I thought I had dealt with just fine but now I’m thinking maybe not. I’m a take action kinda gal and I feel better tackling problems head on but what I didn’t do was sit back and take time for myself to really relax and get away from the stress. Too much hands on. I also have been having gut problems even though I’ve been eating well so there’s another thing to think about instead of ignore.

Triggers can be tricky and not always straight forward.

Maybe you had a bit of food you are intolerant to or shouldn’t eat and that caused your gut to react which made you feel stressed. Then you got inflammation which made you feel more stressed. Maybe you were stuck in an environment with toxins floating around such as new carpet in your office and that caused an autoimmune reaction which in turn stressed you out. Or it could be a bad tooth which caused an infection, then the multiple sides of stress because it hurts, you have to take off work and it costs a lot to get it fixed, next is the inflammation throughout your body.

You get the idea, it’s kind of like the children’s book “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Joffe Numeroff. Nothing is simple with an autoimmune disease.

Eliminating Hashimoto’s triggers is key to our healing.

The list is huge but if you take time to go through the it there’s sure to be an ah ha moment with at least one if not several things.



Food Intolerance

Gluten, Dairy, Soy or Sugar Sensitivity

Nutrient Depletion

  1. Selenium
  2. Ferritin
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Thiamine
  5. Magnesium
  6. Vitamin B12

Adrenal Fatigue

Environmental Toxins

Leaky Gut

Blood Sugar Imbalance

Heavy metals (fluoride)



Poor Sleep

Really the list goes on but this is a good start.


To sum it up you need to listen to your body. What is it telling you?  If you feel overwhelmed start a daily journal. I keep a small one in my purse. Be a researcher and find out through your own data what is making you feel miserable. You make be surprised what you read when looking back at what you’ve written.

Have a relaxing weekend!

I’m going to stay away from anything to do with money. No budgeting or buying anything. We’re going to listen to some music at a festival, swimming with our grandson to stave off the heat, to see a funny movie and going for a quiet walk near the water. I’m absolutely going to eat everything I should and nothing I shouldn’t.

Happy trails and take care!


Links to great information on triggers:

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