Menopausal Hot Flashes or Another Hashimoto’s symptom?

Menopausal Hot Flashes or Another Hashimoto’s symptom?

 Whatever it is MAKE IT STOP!

I’ve been SO uncomfortable lately. Many of my symptoms have diminished or gone away in the past months but the sweats and hot flashes have accelerated at a pace that is supernatural. Sleep is elusive. I have gotten maybe 3-4 hours sleep each night in the last week. Sleeping out on our balcony last night seemed to help. Looking back I remember feeling like this when I was pregnant. My husband had to install a ceiling fan in our bedroom when expecting our first child so I could sleep.


What makes this happen?

Dr Brooke discusses a few reasons this could be happening including these;

“…Think menopausal hot flashes and night sweats. It isn’t so much that low estrogen causes the temperature control problems but rather the fluctuating estrogen levels as your ovaries sputter to make hormones during the months to years of peri-menopause. They sorta try and try and then finally kick out some estrogen so you’re in an overall low estrogen time but with intermittent spikes. This up and down sends a very mixed signal to your hypothalamus – the part of your brain that controls temperature by directing your sweat glands and muscles to make changes in sweating and pore opening.”

“…there’s another relatively common cause of hot flashes and seemingly random sweating if you have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and that’s a temporary, hyper-thyroid situation or Hashimoto’s flare. What happens is this: you get a flare in your immune system due to some trigger and the attack on your thyroid gets turned up a bit. When it does, tissue gets destroyed and those damaged thyroid cells will dump their contents, thyroid hormones, into your system. This often lasts a day or two but can for sure make you feel sweaty, hot and wound up.”

Reading Dr. Brooks full article I see a correlation between Hashimoto’s, stress and my hot sweaty nights. I have to admit it’s probably menopausal as well since it’s all tied together. Dang. Last time I looked I was 26.

What can be done?

 Natural Endocrine Solutions  has some good advice. You should definitely consult with your doctor before starting supplements. I have an intolerance to potato so taking Wild Yam would be a horrible idea. I found this out through testing.  Thank you Dr. KC!

There are some things that you can do that are beneficial for reducing hot flashes and for your overall battle with Hashimoto’s.


Eat Healthy

Diet can be a game changer. I’ve slipped and had a lot of fruit and desserts with honey and maple syrup in the last few weeks so I’m sure it’s worsened things.  Cutting down on sugars even if healthy, upping your vegetables and having a bit of protein with every meal can make a huge difference. Taking gluten, dairy, sugar and soy out of your diet is generally recommended. There are plenty of recipes out there to help you on your way.

Relax and support your adrenals

Take a supplement like HPA Adapt stress resistance complex, get enough sleep even if you need to go to bed early and check your reactions when stressful situations arise. Take time for yourself to relax and do nothing, meditate, do some yoga or whatever is ” “your thing” that helps you truly relax.


It helps so much it’s incredible! I walk out of  the treatment feeling ultra relaxed (it’s hard to drive home) and the hot flashes and night sweats disappear for a length of time afterwards. My acupuncturist has also been guiding me through my focus and my stress and how to embrace it and reduce it. Love him. You should try it it may become one of your regular tools in dealing with Hashimoto’s symptoms.

 So just take it easy, eat healthy and focus on your wellbeing. Over time results should happen.

I say this as I’m dying of heat and dreaming of the Paleo Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp (vegan, AIP, nut-free) that’s just sitting on the bottom shelf of my refrigerator waiting to be eaten. I’m addicted and my neighbor keeps giving me rhubarb. What’s a girl to do?


UPDATE; Genestra brand 200mg Selenium +E fixed this problem!

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