Hashimoto’s and Reducing Stress with Accupunture

Hashimoto’s and Reducing Stress with Accupunture

We need to relax and take time to enjoy company, food, family, our pets, art, music, time alone, meditating, reading a good book or whatever it is that helps you recharge. Hashimoto’s makes it hard for you to even begin to relax. Think of that feeling of truly relaxing, how long has it been since you have felt fully relaxed? How long since you were able to even start to relax? The kind of relaxed where everything around you feels wonderful and it’s almost impossible for someone else to shatter your sense of well-being. If you have Hashimoto’s reducing stress with acupuncture is something you may consider adding to your routine.

No matter how hard I try there are times I get worked up and full of anxiety. There are days I struggle with thinking straight, making well thought decisions, not feeling rushed and taking time to relax. These types of days are getting fewer and far between. One of the things that has helped me reduce stress is acupuncture. I can walk into my acupuncturist’s office a completely high-strung mess and walk out of that office an hour later feeling so relaxed I can barely drive myself home.

The effect of acupuncture will last for days and the benefits are long-term. It helps with so much more than just relaxing, it starts the process of teaching your body how to de stress and teaches it how to heal. With Hashimoto’s your body has learned to react in unhealthy stressful ways. Acupuncture helps your body find the path it was meant to take, a more natural less stressful path.

I never thought I’d see an acupuncturist because it sounded awful getting needles put into your skin. It is so not what I imagined. I need to be told when the needles are in or out most of the time. It’s incredibly non-evasive. Reducing stress with acupuncture works and I’m certain it will help in your journey living with Hashimoto’s.


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