Sleep and Hashimoto’s

Sleep and Hashimoto’s

Life is a highway but I don’t want to ride it all night long.

Sleep and Hashimoto’s can be a continuous cycle of anxiety. We need to relax to heal but it sometimes becomes stressful trying to get a quality night’s sleep.

We’ve all heard that routine helps. The key is finding one that you enjoy and you can realistically can implement. For me no eating after 8pm, going to bed no later than 10pm (9pm most nights),  reading and then meditating right before going to sleep all make a perfect routine.


Not eating after 8pm

This tip that my doctor gave me made a positive difference in my ability to fall asleep deeply more quickly. talks about why this may be. If our body is working hard to digest relaxation is not what the goal is.


Going to bed early, close to the same time every night

This is a hard one but it makes a huge difference. Getting a scheduled amount of sleep when you have Hashimoto’s helps so much with how ready you are to get up and get going the next day. My weeks go a lot more smoothly and I’m happier when I can get my full 8-9 hours sleep each night and for some it’s more like 12 hours! Listen to what your body is telling you.


Reading on a device

If you’re going to read do it on your iPhone using Night Shift (in settings). I turn the brightness very low and turn off all lights in the bedroom. Unfortunately there aren’t many apps for iPhone. If you have an android see this article by Nerd’s Magazine for a list of apps. Life Hacker has a small article on why this helps here


Using a meditation app

If you’re new to meditation using an app can help. I also like the variety. The one I can attest to is Insight Timer. I love it at night but it’s also great when I’m having a day filled with anxiety and I can just find a five-minute meditation.


Storing your devices away from where you sleep

Take a look at what these girls discovered when doing a science project in school. Not to mention all the other reasons we need to get away from our devices.

Supplements and essential oils to help

If all else fails or you need a jump-start on sleeping there are some great supplements and essential oils you can try. Magnesium (I get this brand) is the one that worked for me. It works a little too well and makes me tired the next day. By taking only take a quarter of a capsule I sleep well and can still function the next day. It also helps my husband and rarely does anything help him. I find using essential oils helps as well. Dr. Axe has a list of  7 natural sleep aids that really work. 


You may feel like you’re skipping out of the day early to get a routine started and get the sleep you need but it’s worth it. You’ll find the quality of your days improving as your routine gets easier and easier to repeat. Relaxing and reducing stress are two of the most important things when you have Hashimoto’s, sleep is the best place to start.


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