Take time to unwind and fully relax from the weekly grind!

Take time to unwind and fully relax from the weekly grind!

Take Time For Yourself and relax!

Take time to relax. This is something we tend to not prioritize and it should be top priority. Especially because stress can be a trigger for Hashimoto’s.

I’ve been focusing on relaxing these last few weeks. I read ┬áthree books last weekend and relaxed with friends at the dragon boat races. This weekend I’m spending time with my grandson looking at bugs at the library (free event with some awesome live creatures) I hope I don’t freak out, that would be counterproductive. Next on the list is a huge garage sale that is held yearly which is fun because the houses are gorgeous, the neighborhood is old and I like to stare. It’s acceptable to do that at a garage sale. Then we are swimming on this 99 degree day. To top it all off I am finding writing this blog relaxing as well.

Free Events

We try to find free events around the city. We go to street fairs, art walks, free concerts, movies in the park, river events and city events. The first year we tried this we were amazed at how many events there actually were. We caught Portugal. The man at a free concert in the park just because we were looking that day. It’s fun to look for free events and it’s stress free when you save money.

Do some research in your community and find those free events. We live in a city now but we have lived in very small towns and have been able to find free or low-cost events so it’s doable no matter where you live. Sometimes it’s just as simple as an easy hike or a picnic. Once you find your resources and get those ideas rolling you may have so many choices you’ll have a hard time deciding.

So here’s to your weekend. I hope it’s beautiful and relaxing. Make time!


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