Why Does it seem like more and more people have an autoimmune disease?

Why Does it seem like more and more people have an autoimmune disease?

Four of us women sitting around the campsite talking only to discover three out of the four have an autoimmune disease. I was amazed… That autoimmune diseases are becoming more and more frequent and mainstream medicine still deals with it as they have for decades. That it is so difficult to find a doctor that either has all the information or will help seek it out for recovery. That the three of us felt confused and like we had no voice when seeking treatment. We have all had to discover for ourselves through research and trial and error what is going to make us feel better.

It’s hard, frustrating, lonely and frankly depressing at times. Here is a good article at Huffington Post by Well+Good on Autoimmune disease and how it’s on the rise.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Maybe it’s not just that more people are getting Autoimmune diseases but that it’s coming to light that that’s what people have had all along. Less and less are we letting people tell us it’s all in our head.

As I’ve said before here is a huge community of support as well as research out there.

I know I’ve been discouraged in the last few weeks because my path to finding a new doctor has been interrupted. It’s been near impossible to find a functional doctor that specializes in Hashimoto’s, the stress in my life the last few months has been hard to mange but is now getting better and haha right now I have laryngitis. (Husband seems happy about this last one)

Realistically things have gotten much better. Spending time with my family this summer and away from problems gave me new perspective on my disease, my symptoms have been reduced to three or four when they used to be 20+ And relaxing helps…a lot.  I have a lot to be thankful for which drives me forward to the day when I won’t be thinking about Hashimoto’s every hour of every day. I also am thankful for all the inspiration and information that comes from the autoimmune community out there. You all are amazing.

I’m sorry that autoimmune diseases are on the rise and doctors seem to be looking the other way as far as treatment goes but we can do this together. We can get out there, get the information we need, laugh and cry together, coach each other, celebrate all of our victories no matter the size and beat this disease.

Here are my Autoimmune heroes on Instagram:

First here’s to Hashimoto root cause rebel for letting me use her painting to introduce this post. It so perfectly shows how we feel some days.

Now a list of those I rely on just about every day to help me handle my autoimmune disease:


Marc Ryan L.Ac who is the most caring soul and full of information. ❤️


Dr. Brooke, all kinds of good information.


Boost Health App   little doses of information and a great website too.


Sarah Ballantyne, PhD author of  “The a Paleo Approach”


Autoimmunepaleo lots of information on community, lifestyle changes and recipes.


Hypothyroid Mom, she has a great website too.


The Spunky Coconut, amazing recipes


The Soulful Sprout, inspiration and information


Squirrel in the Kitchen Sophie Van Tiggelen one of my go to cookbooks is by Sophie.


Pantry Pickings. Stunning photography and aip recipes


Plus there are so many people to follow just getting through their days with Hashimoto’s. So many ideas and lots of support. There are just too many to list but those people rock! Go find the support you need it’s out there. We can all do this together!

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